here’s a photo:


p>tts Chelsea Grin. For a text to go over it i was thinking of “Hardcore breakdowns live”

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Submit stuff guys!!!

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When someone talks shit about MIW


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We have a new logo font!!!
xxrayspexs: Hi :) I love your tumblr, Do you know who the boy is in the "Wishing guys like this lived near you" photo? its driving me crazy arghh!

I do not know who that is sadly. Its driving me crazy too haha!

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purple-ghoul: I know this sounds crazy, but I think instead of owning your Creatures of the Night page, you should just own this blog! I love your page but I think you make a better blogger rather than a page owner. I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Private message me so we can discuss this.

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blood-bruises-pain: oh i love your blog but i don't know how to work it O.o how do is see more posts? i can't scroll down. aha. regardless, i love it and i see a lot of the posts on your facebook page, which i love A LOT. that and other band pages that are active like that are the only reason i go on facebook. stay lovely. <3

Sorry hun!!! Ill try and fix it :) You stay beautiful ok? <3

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These four men started it all for me.